Displaced Emotions

There’s nothing wrong with EMOTIONS: because God created us with them; in order to help us express ourselves in ways that we often cannot speak & put into words. The main problem that gets in the way is HOW we express our emotions. There is a TIME & SEASON for everything. We must not allow our emotions to just get out of complete control; to where we are out of order. When we let our Emotions get DISPLACED; then that’s when we get in all kinds of trouble, and get Confused with things. Beloved! keep yourself, and your mind in tack with God’s Word, and within Good Reason. Now, we should pay attention to our feeling, but we should not let them guide us against what our Good Reason & Conscious is predicting, or revealing to us: because sometimes THEY CAN BE WRONG.

Abounding Grace

Rom.6:1 { What shall we say then? shall we continue in sin that grace may abound? GOD FORBID. How shall we that are dead to sin, live any longer there In? } The Apostle Paul is putting a series of questions to the church at Rome; concerning their new resurrection life in Christ Jesus…..verses their old life of sinful habits. The apostle asked the question to them in verse 1 ” SHOULD WE CONTINUE TO LIVE IN A SINFUL LIFESTYLE….JUST BECAUSE WE ARE UNDER GOD’S GRACE? The answer is ABSOLUTELY NOT. We who have been delivered, and brought into NEWNESS OF LIFE in Christ Jesus should not allow our fleshly, carnal, ungodly habits to again take root, and DOMINATE in us. We are dead to sin through the blood of Jesus. We are brought into God’s righteousness by His resurrection. We are NO LONGER BOUND by these things by their control over us. Beloved! realize that you are IN Christ, and that sin does not have dominion over you…. nor does it CONTROL & LORD OVER YOU. Ask God to fill you with the Holy Ghost, so you can have more power over what you ALLOW into your life. Yes! God’s grace is ALWAYS sufficient for you in any situation: but God desires us to be open with Him, and honest, and not TAKE FOR GRANTED what He has made AVAILABLE to us; just so we can live unholy, or any way that we please. Listen! there are consequences to DISOBEDIENCE: and most of the time, it will leave us vulnerable to constant attacks of all kinds of demonic things. So if God forbids something; then do your best to avoid it for your own sake and wellbeing. Let the Lord help you live the best you can for Him, and serve Him to the best of your knowledge. HE IS WORTHY OF OUR ADMIRATION & ADORATION. ( Be Blessed)


(” And when He had sent the multitudes away; He went up into a mountain, apart to pray: and when the evening was come; He was there alone~St. Matthew 14:23 “) Jesus would often, pray all night, and fast many days, and withdraw Himself from the multitudes just to COMMUNE WITH HIS FATHER on a personal basis.

Beloved! if you’ve got to always have a CROWD around you, and you’re never alone with the Lord, whereas you have ONE ON ONE conversations, and consistent appointed times of SOLITUDE WITH HIM; then you’re missing out on the best part of your relationship with Him. God requires FIRST PLACE in each of our lives, not Second Place.

Without a personal, STRONG & INTIMATE union with the Lord, that is coupled with Prayer, and the Word of God; then we will not produce good fruit; nor will we be FIRM & UNMOVABLE IN HIM. Beloved! without the Word, we become WEAK~ without prayer, we become VULNERABLE~ without spiritual intimacy with the Lord~ we become easily susceptible to DECEPTION. (Be Blessed)

Being Stedfast

1.Cor.15:58 (” Therefore my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmovable, always abounding in the work of the Lord: for as much as YOU KNOW THAT YOUR LABOR IS NOT IN VAIN IN THE LORD. “) Don’t let the adversary SHIFT YOUR FOCUS from faith to Frustration. Keep your eyes on Jesus; and stop looking away from Him. In St. Matthew 14:28-31 we see Peter as he was walking on the water; and for a while, he did just fine: he was walking STEDFASTLY TOWARDS JESUS. But when he looked away from Jesus; then Peter’s focus shifted; and he became AFRAID & AGITATED because of the circumstances around him. Beloved! if you are going to walk & live as an Overcomer over opposition; then you must maintain your CENTRAL ATTENTION ON CHRIST & HIS WORD.

Your Cross

LK.9:23 (” If any man will come after me, let him deny HIMSELF, and take up his cross DAILY, and follow me. “) EVERYBODY HAS ONE: everybody has a cross: and whatever that cross is for you; then that’s the very thing that you will have to deny yourself~IN ORDER TO CARRY IT. Beloved! you will not be able to carry your cross if you do not FIRST deny yourself. You won’t even follow Jesus, if you don’t deny yourself.

If you do not KICK AGAINST THE PRICKS, or are disobedient; then your cross will be fairly easy for you to carry: and the calling upon your life fairly easy to fulfill: but if you REBEL, AND BE DEFIANT; then it will become a very hard thing for you to do.

Listen, I know people that have ended up within institutions, and in all kind of terrible shape~~resisting God’s Will, and fighting God’s Call, and trying to resist the power of His hand upon their life. God doesn’t make anybody do anything; but if He ever REMOVES HIS HAND; then you’ll wish you had.

ONLY YOU & GOD KNOW exactly what your cross is. Jesus said His YOKE IS EASY, and His BURDEN IS LIGHT~ (St.Matt.11:30) and it is Easy & Light truly, when you’re willing to LEARN OF HIM, LIVE FOR HIM & LOVE HIM. You see, we are the ones who make things hard & complicated: but the Lord’s Way is not hard, and His commandments are not grievous.

Quench Not The Spirit (1.Thess.5:19)

Don’t stay in any place where the SPIRIT OF GOD is not welcomed, or is resisted, or is not allowed to flow FREELY. The scripture says in 2. Cor.3:17 ” Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty “. Listen, if the anointed isn’t free there~ then neither are you. Even though the Word of God is not bound; it can be HINDERED, RESISTED, OR QUENCHED in the places, and lives of those who in unbelief, and who are afraid to allow it to flow in liberty~St.Matt.13:58. Now, I understand there must be order, and organization in every place: but if the Lord chooses to operate in that area; then my advice is to let God have HIS WAY, and for us to get our flesh OUT OF THE WAY. Amen! we can’t control God, and we cannot contain Him. Listen friend! if the Spirit of God is not at liberty in a place; then there will be BONDAGE in some way, and the people will stay BOUND & BROKEN. Beloved! don’t ever QUENCH, or stifle the Spirit of God when you know He is moving in your life. Don’t resist the Lord’s holy hand upon your life. Amen! Resist the devil, not God. You submit unto God, and you can walk in Liberty, Love, and Life. (Stay Blessed)


St. Matt. 22:37 (Thou shall LOVE THE LORD THY GOD with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind)

The greatest person you will ever meet is NOT the pope, or bishops, or a celebrity, or some other human idol that has ascended above the crowds. The greatest, and most influential person you will ever have in your life is JESUS. Nobody else is as AMAZING & INSPIRING as He is.

Your aim & goal to the end of this age, should be to PERSONALLY MEET HIM: SERVE HIM: AND LOVE HIM more than anyone or anything. He is worthy to be Worshipped & Reverenced; in that He is your creator, and your constant friend.

Your goal, and aim to the end of this age should be to arrive at a place where communication & fellowship with Him are as normal as breathing: for HE IS THE BREATH OF LIFE.

Consider HIM

Saints! NOBODY had it harder than Jesus ,or has ever been tested greater than Him; when it comes to TRIBULATION~ TEMPTATION~ or TESTINGS. He is our prime example of OVERCOMING ALL OPPOSITION in trusting God, and His perfect plan. Listen! just as the Lord has prepared you to carry the GLORY OF HIS ANOINTING in your earthen vessel; so He has also prepared your heart with a DEFENSE OF RESISTANCE AGAINST OPPOSITION to His purposes for you in every realm of your life. In Jesus earthly ministry; He had the HIGHEST anointing: but He also encountered the GREATEST amount of combat~ hostility~ struggle~ warfare~ and confrontations of any human: yet He overcame all by the great grace upon His life through which He conquered death, hell, and the grave. So when you get Weary, and want to throw in the towel; and think you are having it harder than others; then don’t give up: JUST CONSIDER HIM.


(Gal.5:22-23) We will be speaking on the magnificent fruit of temperence.  We hear of people talking about many different fruit of the Spirit, but seldom do we hear of them talking about the fruit of TEMPERENCE.  Another word for temperence is SELF CONTROL.  This a matter of restraint by ONESELF: because we cannot control many things  we encounter; but we can exert some kind of limitation when it comes to self.  Self Control is a RESTRICTION. We need to have self control toward OURSELVES, and we need ENDURANCE toward others, our enviroment, our situation & circumstances.  ALL of the fruit in Galations 5:22-23 are the fruit of the SPIRIT OF GOD IN US: and these fruit are to be developed, and exercised in the believer by their recreated spirit. These fruit are the CHARACTERISTICS OF CHRIST, and are cultivated in us by the Holy Spirit, as we grow, and mature in Him.  It’s like a plant that grows. When a plant is put in the ground as Seed; then EVERYTHING the plant needs in order to become a flower is ALREADY IN THE SEED; but as it grows; then the inner qualities are also developed, and in turn, makes the plant to flourish and become graceful and  beautiful.  I exhort you to allow these fruit of Christ to mature you, and make you all that you need to be in Him, and that you will grow in THE GRACE & KNOWLEDGE OF JESUS CHRIST.  

The Prisoner of the Lord

Ephesians 3:1 ( For this cause I Paul, the prisoner of Jesus Christ for you Gentiles….) The current verses continues on as Paul begins to give his Personal Testimony of salvation.  The APOSTLE PAUL considered himself as THE LORD’S PRISONER WILLINGLY for the sake of the body of Christ. He was not so much limited by the things, or people around him; but the Holy Ghost was leading him, and infusing him with GRACE, power & ability to fulfill God’s Will for His church; and for the Gentiles unto whom he was called to preach unto.~(Eph.3:1)  A prisoner does not operate on their own, but they operate according to the prinicipals, and purposes of the ONE UNTO WHOM THEY COMMIT.  In 2. Tim.1:8- Apostle Paul reinterates again that he is the Lord’s prisoner, and is jubilant about it, and cautions His Spiritual son Timothy not to be ashamed of him, nor of the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ.  You see, when you belong to God, and you have His Agenda in heart and mind; then you don’t seek to do YOUR OWN THING, or the things that ONLY PLEASE YOU.  A prisoner doesn’t do, or go, or say just WHATEVER THEY WANT TO:  they hinge everything upon the pleasing of the Overseer.  A prisoner of Christ is not like a natural one; wherein there is bondage: but in Christ there is SWEET LIBERITY;  but not Looseness.  In other words, you have your own Will, as to obey, or not to Obey: but in rebellion, there is always consequences; because it gives the enemy a door of attack upon your life.  Let us willingly serve the Lord, and seek to bring as much GLORY TO HIM as possible; because He not only gave US HIS DIVINE LIFE to make us a New Creation; but He have His VERY LIFE up for us to obtain eternal salvation & redemption through Him.  He is alive forevermore as LORD, KING, HIGH PRIEST, INTERCESSOR, MEDIATOR & ADVOCATE for us.  Amen & Amen