The Power of Praise

Praise Is Powerful. Praise is a powerful tool in your mouth, in your mind, and in your actions. Everybody wants to be appreciated and praised at sometime, and in some way;  because we as humans love affection and admiration: well! GOD IS ALL OF THAT AND MORE. God Inhabits and Dwells in the PRAISES OF HIS PEOPLE. (PS.22:3) Praise brought down the WALLS AROUND JERICHO, and praise will bring down the WALLS AROUND YOU: because as you begin to Praise The Mighty God of Heaven and Earth, it STILLS THE ENEMY and the AVENGER (Ps.8:1, Acts 16:25-26) and can no longer work against you, because the enemy is PARALYZED BY YOUR PRAISE of a constant procession of God’s Greatness.

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