The Power has been RESTORED

The power or AUTHORITY that Adam lost in the garden of Eden when he sinned and disobeyed God~ has been RESTORED TO THE BODY OF CHRIST, by the triumphant victory in the cross, and by His Resurrection. On the day of PENTECOST, the power and authority to REIGN IN LIFE through Jesus Christ, was restored to man. The Holy Ghost has COME WITH POWER from on high to those who are born again; and who will receive Him~( Acts 2:1-4 ) Power means AUTHORITY, and authority means that you have the RIGHT to put everything under your feet~that is under Jesus feet. Jesus told His Disciples, BEHOLD, I GIVE UNTO YOU POWER to tread on serpents and scorpions,  and over ALL the power of the enemy, and nothing shall by any means hurt you~( LK.10:19 ) Well, church! that saying was COMPLETELY fulfilled when the Holy Ghost came  in the earth on the day of Pentecost: and the Lord has been EMPOWERING BELIEVERS with Holy Ghost Power EVERY SINCE THAT DAY; and Endowing them with gifts of the Spirit. Those who RECEIVE; AND BELIEVE ON THE NAME OF JESUS has the POWER (authority or ability) to become sons of God ( St.JH.1:12 ) 

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