Make a sanctuary of your thoughts for God to dwell in. If you keep your mind on Him, and keep His words in your mouth; then you have UNDISTURBED PEACE, AND TOTAL REST, regardless of the turmoil around you, or the turbulence among you.  You will have the Lord always in PRESENCE OF MIND. Don’t allow your mind to wander out of His Presence. (IS.26:3 says ” THOU WIL KEEP HIM IN PERFECT PEACE , WHOSE MIND IS STAYED ON THEE, BECAUSE HE TRUSTS IN THEE “)  The glorious spirit of rest shall be upon you, amd favour will come into your dwelling: so just HOLD ON TO YOUR INNER PEACE, and let nothing take it from you. Choose to keep yourself at peace, no matter what; and you will have less stress, and you will get more sleep. Trust God to make you strong when the spirit of worry and anxiety tries to conquer you. 


When God gives us an assignment to complete, or a task to fulfill;  then we should report back to Him the joyful message of MISSIOM ACCOMPLISHED~ not with MISSION IMPOSSIBLE: because if He sends you out to do something, then YOU CAN DO IT in His strength and power. His grace is SUFFICIENT, and His grace is ENOUGH.  We need to ACTIVATE OUR FAITH in His Word, and go out believing, and knowing that God’s Goodness and Mercy will follow us all the days of our life, and that we will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.

(” Looking Unto HIM “)

When we begin looking to the Lord, and quit looking unto others;  then we will GET WHAT WE NEED, and we will HAVE WHAT WE WANT, and we will ATTRACT WHAT WE DESIRE.  The key to life is ACKNOWLEDGING GOD in everything, because He is the one who HAS EVERYTHING THAT WILL LAST in our life: the earth and all that is here is a TEMPORARY THING;  but God, and all that He has is ETERNAL AND EVERLASTING; the only thing is this: the Lord wants us to have our desires met here in the earth also, but He wants us to LOOK UNTO HIM, and give Him GLORY when we obtain it.  He is our CREATER,  OUR LORD,  OUR SAVIOR,  AND OUR GOD: so it is good that we EXPECT AND ANTICIPATE HIS CARE, COMFORT, AND COMPANIONSHIP as we make our pilgrimage throughout this Lifetime.  “Look unto Jesus for your Answers, becuase HE is the only one who HAS ALL THE ANSWERS : look unto Him in your Difficulties, because HE is the only one who knows HOW TO SOLVE THEM ALL.  (Hebrews 12:2)

{“Get It Out In The Open”}

Most of the time we can HEAL INWARDLY a lot better, if we will just get things off of our chest, and bring it to the front, and in the open. ” YOU CANNOT CHANGE~ WHAT YOU REFUSE TO CONFRONT “~ and I don’t mean tell everybody;  I MEAN BRING IT TO GOD IN PRAYER; because there are lot of things that we go through, and encounter in life, that PEOPLE CAN’T HELP YOU WITH ANYWAY.  God made your heart, and He is the one who can fix it:  REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT IS BROKEN FROM.  Have FAITH in God to hear you, even when you can’t feel his presence, and BELIEVE that He is not only ABLE to help you, but that HE IS WILLING to help you. Many  times when the Lord intervenes in our situation, He will carry us through a PROCESS OF RESTORATION. Not everyone will get an INSTANT recovery, but you will get an Instant IMPROVEMENT. You will see God working it out little by little, and day by day. Just TRUST HIM.

” Push into your purpose “

EVERYONE has a purpose in Life, and it’s not just your OWN purpose that counts; but it is THE PURPOSE OF GOD FOR YOUR LIFE, and the good plans that He has considered and constructed for your destiny. When you seek for HIS PLAN for your Life, then you will FIND out exactly what your purpose is, and you will KNOW exactly what to do. God wants you to DO HIS WILL, but you must first KNOW HIS WILL.  Your satisfaction in this lifetime are all centered around you doing, and fulfilling GOD’S CALLING for you, and living with a Consciousness of His divine Presence with you in doing it all.  When you please God; you will have Favor with Him, and when you have FAVOR WITH GOD;  then you are already in a PLACE OF GREATNESS, and in a POSITION OF GRACE that will propel you through all the besetting Obstacles, and pass all your Opponents.