{“Get It Out In The Open”}

Most of the time we can HEAL INWARDLY a lot better, if we will just get things off of our chest, and bring it to the front, and in the open. ” YOU CANNOT CHANGE~ WHAT YOU REFUSE TO CONFRONT “~ and I don’t mean tell everybody;  I MEAN BRING IT TO GOD IN PRAYER; because there are lot of things that we go through, and encounter in life, that PEOPLE CAN’T HELP YOU WITH ANYWAY.  God made your heart, and He is the one who can fix it:  REGARDLESS OF WHAT IT IS BROKEN FROM.  Have FAITH in God to hear you, even when you can’t feel his presence, and BELIEVE that He is not only ABLE to help you, but that HE IS WILLING to help you. Many  times when the Lord intervenes in our situation, He will carry us through a PROCESS OF RESTORATION. Not everyone will get an INSTANT recovery, but you will get an Instant IMPROVEMENT. You will see God working it out little by little, and day by day. Just TRUST HIM.