” Push into your purpose “

EVERYONE has a purpose in Life, and it’s not just your OWN purpose that counts; but it is THE PURPOSE OF GOD FOR YOUR LIFE, and the good plans that He has considered and constructed for your destiny. When you seek for HIS PLAN for your Life, then you will FIND out exactly what your purpose is, and you will KNOW exactly what to do. God wants you to DO HIS WILL, but you must first KNOW HIS WILL.  Your satisfaction in this lifetime are all centered around you doing, and fulfilling GOD’S CALLING for you, and living with a Consciousness of His divine Presence with you in doing it all.  When you please God; you will have Favor with Him, and when you have FAVOR WITH GOD;  then you are already in a PLACE OF GREATNESS, and in a POSITION OF GRACE that will propel you through all the besetting Obstacles, and pass all your Opponents.