(” Looking Unto HIM “)

When we begin looking to the Lord, and quit looking unto others;  then we will GET WHAT WE NEED, and we will HAVE WHAT WE WANT, and we will ATTRACT WHAT WE DESIRE.  The key to life is ACKNOWLEDGING GOD in everything, because He is the one who HAS EVERYTHING THAT WILL LAST in our life: the earth and all that is here is a TEMPORARY THING;  but God, and all that He has is ETERNAL AND EVERLASTING; the only thing is this: the Lord wants us to have our desires met here in the earth also, but He wants us to LOOK UNTO HIM, and give Him GLORY when we obtain it.  He is our CREATER,  OUR LORD,  OUR SAVIOR,  AND OUR GOD: so it is good that we EXPECT AND ANTICIPATE HIS CARE, COMFORT, AND COMPANIONSHIP as we make our pilgrimage throughout this Lifetime.  “Look unto Jesus for your Answers, becuase HE is the only one who HAS ALL THE ANSWERS : look unto Him in your Difficulties, because HE is the only one who knows HOW TO SOLVE THEM ALL.  (Hebrews 12:2)