Make a sanctuary of your thoughts for God to dwell in. If you keep your mind on Him, and keep His words in your mouth; then you have UNDISTURBED PEACE, AND TOTAL REST, regardless of the turmoil around you, or the turbulence among you.  You will have the Lord always in PRESENCE OF MIND. Don’t allow your mind to wander out of His Presence. (IS.26:3 says ” THOU WIL KEEP HIM IN PERFECT PEACE , WHOSE MIND IS STAYED ON THEE, BECAUSE HE TRUSTS IN THEE “)  The glorious spirit of rest shall be upon you, amd favour will come into your dwelling: so just HOLD ON TO YOUR INNER PEACE, and let nothing take it from you. Choose to keep yourself at peace, no matter what; and you will have less stress, and you will get more sleep. Trust God to make you strong when the spirit of worry and anxiety tries to conquer you.