Galatians 6:9 {”And let us not BE NOT WEARY in well doing: for in DUE SEASON we shall reap, if we faint not”} As long as you are making steps towards your purpose; regardless of how small they are; then you are still making progress. NEVER give up; because with God, there is NOTHING impossible. Just turn it all over to the Lord, and trust His Wisdom to guide you, and  rely upon His hand to help you, and upon His word to keep you. You are going to make it, and you are going to be just fine.Frames_20160829_180356


There is always a WAY

PS.32:8 (” I will Instruct you, and Teach you IN THE WAY which you shall go: I will Guide you with my eye “) God can make a way OUT OF NO WAY. Friends! The Lord will guide you throughout all your affairs of life~ if you are WILLING to follow him in the way that HE LEADS.  As long as you acknowledge him, Look unto him, and HAVE FAITH IN HIM; then your path will be made plain~your steps will not slide, and your ways will be established in his Will, and according to his Word.

There is an ANSWER

Friends! when we all start ADDRESSING our problems~instead of AVOIDING THEM; then God will provide us with solution to solve them.. You can’t Conquer what you don’t Confront. We have all these support groups and support gatherings, and THAT IS ALRIGHT TOO; but there are some things we experience that talking with others about it; will not help us until we discern that we don’t need another social meeting with PEOPLE~ we need a Solo Meeting WITH GOD. He can help you when nobody else CAN~ and He will support you when nobody else WILL.

My Help is in the Lord

PS.42:5 {Why are you cast down Oh my soul?  Why are you disquieted within me? HOPE THOU IN GOD, for I will yet praise him for the HELP OF HIS COUNTENANCE}  We must not only understand that the Lord GIVES US help when we ask him; but we must know that HE IS our help: because people will LET YOU DOWN~ situations will HOLD YOU DOWN, and things will PUSH YOU DOWN: but when you know that God is your help, and you put your faith in HIM; then you will have FAVOR: for His Grace and Mercy will bring you THROUGH, and HOLD you up~ and PULL you out of every difficulty. 

Strength & Hope

fb_img_1469573751549.jpgPS. 31:24 {” Be of GOOD COURAGE, and he shall STRENGTHEN your heart, all you that HOPE in the Lord ”} My friend, the Lord will give you GRACE to live a life that is Acceptable to Him, and Honorable unto you, and Noble in the sight of your peers; if you will trust His guidance, and pray for His wisdom in everything. God will help you endure any hardships or trouble, if you will HAVE FAITH in Him.  Just because you don’t see anything happening at the present time, does not mean that He is not working at all. Friends! Just believe that EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT, and it will be, as long as you PUT THINGS IN GOD’S HAND, and allow him to take it OUT OF YOUR HANDS. Commit all your affairs to Him for to work out, and then you just go to sleep.

{Delete Your Worries}

1.Peter5:7 (” Casting ALL YOU CARE upon Him; for He cares for you “) Delete your worries, and allow God to give you PEACE. Cast your cares and concerns upon HIM who knows how to CARRY YOU beyond the realm of distrss and anxiety. Turn those problems over to the Lord, and let Him give you ease. Media friends! GIVE IT TO GOD~AND GET SOME REST.

Having A Positive Mindset

Media Friends! Just because you have made some past mistakes~does not mean that you still will not get your miracle today: sure, your choices have a lot to do with where you are now; but you are still a candidate for a miracle from God to come into your life. Just get in your SECRET CLOSET, AND CLOSE THE DOOR with you and your Heavenly Father. JUST HAVE A LITTLE TALK WITH JESUS, and He will make everything ALRIGHT. Have Faith in HIM, and have Faith in YOURSELF.  (Everything will be fine)