Strength & Hope

fb_img_1469573751549.jpgPS. 31:24 {” Be of GOOD COURAGE, and he shall STRENGTHEN your heart, all you that HOPE in the Lord ”} My friend, the Lord will give you GRACE to live a life that is Acceptable to Him, and Honorable unto you, and Noble in the sight of your peers; if you will trust His guidance, and pray for His wisdom in everything. God will help you endure any hardships or trouble, if you will HAVE FAITH in Him.  Just because you don’t see anything happening at the present time, does not mean that He is not working at all. Friends! Just believe that EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT, and it will be, as long as you PUT THINGS IN GOD’S HAND, and allow him to take it OUT OF YOUR HANDS. Commit all your affairs to Him for to work out, and then you just go to sleep.