The best is yet to come

PS.91:2{” I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; IN HIM WILL I TRUST “} God can cause some of the WORST SITUATIONS in your life to become some of the GREATEST BLESSINGS that you will encounter. He knows how to overturn the tables, flip the strips, and turn the calendars; AND ALL IN YOUR FAVOR.  What we must do; is to allow our faith to FIGHT THROUGH THE FACTS, and see the truth of what God says about it. Ask the Lord to help you to SEE LIKE A SEER, fight like a WARRIOR, and have the spirit of a SOLDIER, the heart of a SERVANT, and the eyes of an EAGLE. You have asked the Lord to order your steps, and manage your life: now ask Him to MOLD YOUR THOUGHTS into the perceptions of His Word, and His Will for your life and purpose: because God is going to give you the opportunity TO GIVE what you had the opportunity TO GET. Continue to lean on Him, and rest in His decisions for your life.

Seasonally Preserved

PS.17:8 {KEEP ME as the apple of the eye, HIDE ME under the shadow of thy wings} Just because YOU ARE HIDDEN, does not mean that you are FORGOTTEN. Often, the most Valuable Treasures are the ones that ARE NOT SEEN, and are not directly in sight: because they are the ones that has to be SEARCHED OUT. Just because you are not in the Spotlight right now, does not mean that you’re not as IMPORTANT AS SOMEBODY ELSE; it only means that God has you in an IMPENDING STATE. You are in Process of being prepared for your opening season of DISPLAYING THE GRACE OF GOD upon your life. You will shine in your season, and you will do great things in times to come: but as of now, do not get impatient; because you see, everything that is going to be USED AND PUT FORTH IN SERVICE always has a Trial Period, in which it is tested for mobility, maturity, and Endurance. Some of you are like a Rich Secret waiting to be Revealed.

Sustaining Life

Proverbs.18:14{ The spirit of a man will SUSTAIN HIS INFIRMITY; but a wounded spirit who can bear? } God did not build you to BREAK; He built you to LAST: and to be able to LAUNCH OUT into the deep: that’s why He gave you a STRONG SPIRIT; that with Him steadily strengthening your inward spirit; you may be able to OUTLAST, and OUTWEAR the things in life that’s trying to wear you out, and wear you down. Don’t ever allow anything to WOUND YOUR SPIRIT, or take hold of it enough to cause a BREACH TO BE THERE: and if by chance, anything do happen to intercept it; then ONLY GOD can mend it. We can go to a DOCTOR if we are sick; we can go to a DENTIST if we have a toothache; but if your SPIRIT IS WOUNDED, then you have to go to GOD for that: because NO MAN can heal a Sick Soul. No man can fix a Broken Heart; you have to go to the Lord Almighty for that kind of hurt: because that is the kind of Pain that DOES NOT GO AWAY WITH PILLS, or any type of anesthetic, or analgesic. You have to just give to God, and go on to sleep, and let Him do an operation on you like He did Adam.


Healing for Wholeness

St. Matt.9:12 {”But when Jesus heard that; He then said unto them, they that are WHOLE need not a physician, but they that are SICK”} Media friends, everybody in this world has problems, and we all have pain at some time or another; but that does not mean that God doesn’t love us, it just means that we are Human. You are not DEFINED BY YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES; you are defined by HIS LOVE FOR YOU. There is something in you to love, regardless of how many faults or issues you have. NEVER define yourself by what others think, or say about you. While others may be trying to WEAKEN YOU; God will STRENGTHEN YOU: and while they are trying to make you FALL; God will GIVE YOU FAVOR to stand. You are not alone when people leave you. The Lord will STAND BY YOU; and when THEY WALK OUT, God will WALK IN: and He will PEOPLE CHANGElet you know that HE IS THERE, and that He’s not going anywhere.