Healing for Wholeness

St. Matt.9:12 {”But when Jesus heard that; He then said unto them, they that are WHOLE need not a physician, but they that are SICK”} Media friends, everybody in this world has problems, and we all have pain at some time or another; but that does not mean that God doesn’t love us, it just means that we are Human. You are not DEFINED BY YOUR CIRCUMSTANCES; you are defined by HIS LOVE FOR YOU. There is something in you to love, regardless of how many faults or issues you have. NEVER define yourself by what others think, or say about you. While others may be trying to WEAKEN YOU; God will STRENGTHEN YOU: and while they are trying to make you FALL; God will GIVE YOU FAVOR to stand. You are not alone when people leave you. The Lord will STAND BY YOU; and when THEY WALK OUT, God will WALK IN: and He will PEOPLE CHANGElet you know that HE IS THERE, and that He’s not going anywhere.