Sustaining Life

Proverbs.18:14{ The spirit of a man will SUSTAIN HIS INFIRMITY; but a wounded spirit who can bear? } God did not build you to BREAK; He built you to LAST: and to be able to LAUNCH OUT into the deep: that’s why He gave you a STRONG SPIRIT; that with Him steadily strengthening your inward spirit; you may be able to OUTLAST, and OUTWEAR the things in life that’s trying to wear you out, and wear you down. Don’t ever allow anything to WOUND YOUR SPIRIT, or take hold of it enough to cause a BREACH TO BE THERE: and if by chance, anything do happen to intercept it; then ONLY GOD can mend it. We can go to a DOCTOR if we are sick; we can go to a DENTIST if we have a toothache; but if your SPIRIT IS WOUNDED, then you have to go to GOD for that: because NO MAN can heal a Sick Soul. No man can fix a Broken Heart; you have to go to the Lord Almighty for that kind of hurt: because that is the kind of Pain that DOES NOT GO AWAY WITH PILLS, or any type of anesthetic, or analgesic. You have to just give to God, and go on to sleep, and let Him do an operation on you like He did Adam.