Seasonally Preserved

PS.17:8 {KEEP ME as the apple of the eye, HIDE ME under the shadow of thy wings} Just because YOU ARE HIDDEN, does not mean that you are FORGOTTEN. Often, the most Valuable Treasures are the ones that ARE NOT SEEN, and are not directly in sight: because they are the ones that has to be SEARCHED OUT. Just because you are not in the Spotlight right now, does not mean that you’re not as IMPORTANT AS SOMEBODY ELSE; it only means that God has you in an IMPENDING STATE. You are in Process of being prepared for your opening season of DISPLAYING THE GRACE OF GOD upon your life. You will shine in your season, and you will do great things in times to come: but as of now, do not get impatient; because you see, everything that is going to be USED AND PUT FORTH IN SERVICE always has a Trial Period, in which it is tested for mobility, maturity, and Endurance. Some of you are like a Rich Secret waiting to be Revealed.