The best is yet to come

PS.91:2{” I will say of the Lord, He is my refuge and my fortress: my God; IN HIM WILL I TRUST “} God can cause some of the WORST SITUATIONS in your life to become some of the GREATEST BLESSINGS that you will encounter. He knows how to overturn the tables, flip the strips, and turn the calendars; AND ALL IN YOUR FAVOR.  What we must do; is to allow our faith to FIGHT THROUGH THE FACTS, and see the truth of what God says about it. Ask the Lord to help you to SEE LIKE A SEER, fight like a WARRIOR, and have the spirit of a SOLDIER, the heart of a SERVANT, and the eyes of an EAGLE. You have asked the Lord to order your steps, and manage your life: now ask Him to MOLD YOUR THOUGHTS into the perceptions of His Word, and His Will for your life and purpose: because God is going to give you the opportunity TO GIVE what you had the opportunity TO GET. Continue to lean on Him, and rest in His decisions for your life.