There is a lifting

PS.3:3 {But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and THE LIFTER UP OF MY HEAD} My friends, God will lift up your head, and He will carry your heart, and He will hold up your hands: even in the midst of all chaos, and confusion; when you have the Lord on your side; then YOU ARE DESTINED TO WIN, regardless of the odds. Make it a habit to always encourage your neighbors, and to remember that just because a person is Smiling, does not mean they are not hurting. A lot of us have learned to smile through the pain, hold back the tears, and just grin through everything; but God looks at THE HEART OF EVERY HUMAN, and He always has A PURPOSE FOR THE PAIN, and a REWARD FOR THE TEARS. Remember that God loves you, and He will season your life with His Favor, Grace, and Goodness.

God’s Working On It

St.James 1:3″ Knowing this, that the TRYING OF YOUR FAITH worketh patience “. When your faith is tested, it is being tried by the fires of adversities and temptations; but at the same time, it is working the GIFT OF PATIENCE  within you. You see, when we are able to WAIT UPON THE LORD, then we are being Upheld and Undergirded with STRENGTH AND STABILITY for the strain, and stress of undergoing, and ongoing battles that are taking place as we continue to STAND AGAINST OPPOSITIONS THAT OPPOSE OUR FAITH IN GOD, in every area of our life.  My Media Friends, you don’t need to See the Lord’s Hand, in order to be convinced that your prayers are being Heard: all you need to do is believe it, and just know that HE’S WORKING ON IT.

God will lift you

PS.25:1 {” Unto thee, Oh Lord, do I lift up my soul “} Friends! you must learn to lift up your heart and soul┬áto God, and not unto people. You must learn to put your trust in the Lord, who can PERFORM ALL THINGS FOR YOU, and can carry you when you are HALTING AND HEAVY from the weights of this earthly life. God wants you to STAY ENCOUURAGED, no matter what you ARE going through, or what you have ALREADY gone through, or whatever you WILL go through later. Remember that YOUR TIMES AND SEASONS are in the hands of the Lord, and your whole life and FUTURE ARE IN HIM, and Him alone. You are going to make, because you can take it: and you can take it, because GREATER is He that is IN you, than he that is in the world. You are an OVERCOMER, and an OVERTAKER.img_32220560531124