There is a lifting

PS.3:3 {But thou, O Lord, art a shield for me; my glory, and THE LIFTER UP OF MY HEAD} My friends, God will lift up your head, and He will carry your heart, and He will hold up your hands: even in the midst of all chaos, and confusion; when you have the Lord on your side; then YOU ARE DESTINED TO WIN, regardless of the odds. Make it a habit to always encourage your neighbors, and to remember that just because a person is Smiling, does not mean they are not hurting. A lot of us have learned to smile through the pain, hold back the tears, and just grin through everything; but God looks at THE HEART OF EVERY HUMAN, and He always has A PURPOSE FOR THE PAIN, and a REWARD FOR THE TEARS. Remember that God loves you, and He will season your life with His Favor, Grace, and Goodness.