A Good Neighbor

St.Lk.6:31 (” And as you would that men should do unto you, do you also to them likewise “) We do not GAIN RESPECT & HONOR by lording over others; but by LOVING, RESTORING & HELPING THEM instead. You see, all humans are DRAWN TO GENUINE LOVE; but if they do not sense the compassion that we should have; then they will NATURALLY DIVERT & DIVIDE AWAY from our company. Jesus was a compassionate Person, and He could sympathize with the lowest of humanity, BECAUSE HE KNEW ALL MEN, and He was perceptive of ALL OF THEIR THOUGHTS~WAYS & ACTIONS. Jesus was God walking among men, and while beholding ALL THEIR SINS; He was willing to have them reconciled to Him through HIS SON. Beloved, don’t ever look down on anybody; because if it were not FOR THE GRACE OF GOD, then you might would have been where they are.