Beauty for Ashes

2.Cor.1:5 (For as the Sufferings of Christ abound in us, so our Consolation also abounds by Christ) Beloved, the Lord will make you into a Jewel of Joy for His Glory. The Holidays can become for you, either A SEASON OF GLADDNESS, or it can become a Season of Saddness. If you contanstly dwell upon ALL THAT YOU HAVE LOST, instead of ALL YOU HAVE GAINED, then you will not enjoy yourself, and others will not be able to enjoy you: but if you will GIVE THANKS~ AND TURN YOUR THOUGHTS to the good things God has done, and has given, and provided to you through the GOODNESS OF HIS GRACE; then your Sorrow will turn into JOY~ your Crying will turn into LAUGHTER~ your Frown will turn into a SMILE~ and you will start to Leap for Joy. When you begin to SEE THE POSITIVE~ THROUGH THE NEGATIVE; then your perspective changes, and then YOU CHANGE: because you see, your Mind doesn’t need to be RESTORED~ it just needs TO BE RENEWED.