{Worry ends where Faith begins}

{Proverbs 19:3″ The foolishness of man perverts his  way, and his heart frets against the Lord “} Don’t allow your heart to be frustrated about the fact that God hasn’t answered you yet. Beloved! put your problems in God’s hand, and He will put His peace in your heart. None of us can change anything when we are fussing and fretting. WORRY WILL WASTE AWAY YOUR LIFE AND HEALTH. Although we may not always understand what THE HAND OF GOD IS DOING; we can always trust that HE HAS OUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART: and that He has all the RIGHT pieces to all the WRONG POINTS in our life. I urge you to continue to trust God, even when He seems silent: because He has a wonderful way of WORKING EVERYTHING OUT for our good, and for His honour and glory. LET HIS PRESENCE BECOME YOUR PEACE.