Tell it to Jesus ALONE

Prov.6:22 ( When you go, it will LEAD YOU: when you sleep, it will KEEP YOU: when you awake, it will TALK WITH YOU ) Keeping God’s Instructions, and being Obedient to His Words will not only BLESS US, but will be BENEFICIAL TO US in every area of our life, because the word of God has the SOLUTION TO EVERY PROBLEM, and is the ANSWER TO EVERY DILEMNA AND DIFFICULTY that we will ever encounter.  One of our main problems is that some of us TALK TO EVERYBODY ELSE about what’s going on with us~ BEFORE WE GO TO GOD ABOUT IT FIRST: and by the time we do decide to take it to the Lord in prayer, then our MIND AND THOUGHTS are already filled with preconceived ideas, remedies, and resolutions OF OUR OWN, and from others. When you come to God, you need to have an OPEN SPIRIT~ A CLEAR MND~ and a QUIET DISPOSITION; and then you will receive a REVEALED ANSWER. You, see, we cannot come to God with our own agenda, and expect Him to operate on our tems and conditions, when we are the ones who are in the Difficulty. Give your troubles to God, and cast ALL your cares upon Him, and let Him handle them IN HIS OWN WAY, and you will have peace about it, and worry will leave your soul, and TRUE REST WILL COME.