An Honest and Good Heart

Pr.28:13 { He that COVERS HIS SINS shall not prosper: but whoever CONFESSES AND FORSAKES THEM shall have mercy }  GRACE is God’s power to GET OUT of sin~ NOT POWER TO STAY IN IT, and keep doing it.  When we are OPEN & HONEST with the Lord about our mistakes; then HE WILL HAPPILY FORGIVE AND FORGET them: but when we HOLD BACK AND TRY TO HIDE them behind our masks of excuses; then we are exempting our ownselves from Receiving remission and forgiveness. You see, the Lord’s power of deliverance IS AVAILABLE TO US~ but our FAITH IN HIM IS WHAT ACTIVATES in our life. Once deliverance is dispensed; then God is there to HELP US HEAL from all the scars and stigmas that was upon our life through Rebellion and Resistance to His Will for us.

Divine Disclosure

St.LK.12:32 { Fear not, little flock; for it is your father’s GOOD PLEASURE TO GIVE you rhe kingdom }  ” DIVINE MANIFESTATION will bring you DIVINE IMPARTATION “.  Most of the time when God reveals Himself to you in some way; then He is sure to Impart something unto you. It may be a WORD, or a SPIRITUAL GIFT, or a simple LESSON: but He will have something that will Profit~Produce, and bring Increase of life within your spirit. He always comes for a reason, and He always works with a Purpose in mind.

The Greatness of God

Rom.8:31 {” What shall we say to these things? If God be FOR US, WHO can be against us? When you have the Lord on the inside of you~ then you have the GREATEST POWER available to your aid. Have faith in God: and trust Him for your every Need, and for your every Desire in Him to be met; in order for you to walk in your CALLING~ FULFILL YOUR PURPOSE~ and reach your DESTINY in Him. (God is able)

Revealed Truth

St.JH.14:6 {” Jesus said unto him, I AM the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the father, by MY ME “} Reality is Christ: Truth is Christ: Beloved, if you ever want to be free of ANYTHING OF ANYONE; then the first thing you need to know is THE TRUTH. Only the truth about a situation~will make you free of it: and it might hurt for a while, but you will heal. Truth is what opens your eyes, and enlightens your mind, and brings LIGHT AND ILLUMINATION into your heart. Jesus came to reveal the truth to us about THE KINGDOM OF GOD, and about OURSELVES: and it is this!  that we ALL must be born again to enter the Kingdom of heaven; being born of the WATER, and of the SPIRIT~(St.JH.3:5) We cannot enter heaven in our current condition of Sin, and Spiritual Death: and we cannot enter upon our OWN Terms. We must come GOD’S WAY, and according to HIS WORD.

Becoming a FRUITFUL Branch

(St.JH.15:2″ Every branch in me that DOES NOT bear fruit, He takes away; and every branch that DOES bear fruit, HE PURGES IT, that it may bring MORE FRUIT “)  Beloved! when we are carrying around DEAD THINGS in our life that weighs us down~ holds us back~ and things that keep us stillborn and stagnant; then those are the very things that are CAUSING US NOT TO BEAR FRUIT IN CHRIST: so in order for us to become fruitful in HIM, then God will CUT AWAY THESE THING FROM OUR LIFE; and begin to CULTIVATE OTHER THINGS AND PEOPLE that helps us produce, grow, and develop in out potentials and purpose in Christ Jesus:  because Often, the Lord will need to a group of unproductive thing, and REMOVE CERTAIN PEOPLE FROM YOUR LIFE AND CIRCLE, that are no longer beneficial, and that is not growing, increasng, and advancing with you: and this could also mean that THEIR SEASON IS UP as concerning being attached to your life; and then God will bring others people unto them that is on Their Own Level, and HE WILL MOVE YOU ON, and MOVE YOU UPWARD. There are times when you just OUTGROW PEOPLE, because you’re increasing at an advanced pace of STRENGTH~ QUALITY~ and MOMENTUM than they are: so don’t feel bad about outgrowing them; because if they are to really BE WITH YOU IN YOUR DESTINY~ then they will catch up.

(Don’t Bail out before your Breakthrough)

PS.27:14 {WAIT on the Lord: be of good courage, and HE SHALL STRENGTHEN YOUR HEART: wait I say, on the Lord} Some of us give up, and give in too quick. Many times, when our answer, and our solution is right around the corner; is the time that we are PRESSURED AND PUSHED THE MOST TO JUST THROW IN THE TOWEL: but just remember that whenever you are pressed the hardest to give up; that’s when the enemy knows that YOUR MIRACLE IS IN THE MAKING, and is about to MANIFEST IN YOUR LIFE.  Keep praising~ praying~ worshipping~ and working for the Lord; because He has your CROWN in His hand, and He has your REWARD in heaven: but He will also give you a taste of heaven on earth when you CONTINUE IN HIS WORD, AND IN CONSTANT FAITH of His promises, amd His purpose to finish the GOOD WORK  which He has begun in you. (Stay Blessed Always)