(Don’t Bail out before your Breakthrough)

PS.27:14 {WAIT on the Lord: be of good courage, and HE SHALL STRENGTHEN YOUR HEART: wait I say, on the Lord} Some of us give up, and give in too quick. Many times, when our answer, and our solution is right around the corner; is the time that we are PRESSURED AND PUSHED THE MOST TO JUST THROW IN THE TOWEL: but just remember that whenever you are pressed the hardest to give up; that’s when the enemy knows that YOUR MIRACLE IS IN THE MAKING, and is about to MANIFEST IN YOUR LIFE.  Keep praising~ praying~ worshipping~ and working for the Lord; because He has your CROWN in His hand, and He has your REWARD in heaven: but He will also give you a taste of heaven on earth when you CONTINUE IN HIS WORD, AND IN CONSTANT FAITH of His promises, amd His purpose to finish the GOOD WORK  which He has begun in you. (Stay Blessed Always)