Revealed Truth

St.JH.14:6 {” Jesus said unto him, I AM the way, the truth, and the life: no man comes unto the father, by MY ME “} Reality is Christ: Truth is Christ: Beloved, if you ever want to be free of ANYTHING OF ANYONE; then the first thing you need to know is THE TRUTH. Only the truth about a situation~will make you free of it: and it might hurt for a while, but you will heal. Truth is what opens your eyes, and enlightens your mind, and brings LIGHT AND ILLUMINATION into your heart. Jesus came to reveal the truth to us about THE KINGDOM OF GOD, and about OURSELVES: and it is this!  that we ALL must be born again to enter the Kingdom of heaven; being born of the WATER, and of the SPIRIT~(St.JH.3:5) We cannot enter heaven in our current condition of Sin, and Spiritual Death: and we cannot enter upon our OWN Terms. We must come GOD’S WAY, and according to HIS WORD.