An Honest and Good Heart

Pr.28:13 { He that COVERS HIS SINS shall not prosper: but whoever CONFESSES AND FORSAKES THEM shall have mercy }  GRACE is God’s power to GET OUT of sin~ NOT POWER TO STAY IN IT, and keep doing it.  When we are OPEN & HONEST with the Lord about our mistakes; then HE WILL HAPPILY FORGIVE AND FORGET them: but when we HOLD BACK AND TRY TO HIDE them behind our masks of excuses; then we are exempting our ownselves from Receiving remission and forgiveness. You see, the Lord’s power of deliverance IS AVAILABLE TO US~ but our FAITH IN HIM IS WHAT ACTIVATES in our life. Once deliverance is dispensed; then God is there to HELP US HEAL from all the scars and stigmas that was upon our life through Rebellion and Resistance to His Will for us.