God’s Loving Correction

PS.119:67 {” BEFORE I was afflicted, I went astray: BUT NOW, have I kept thy word “}  We must allow the Lord to Discipline us, just like we allow Him to Direct us. We need to learn OF Him, just as much as we learn FROM Him. DISCIPLINE IS DIRECTION, which instructs us into the way of His righteousness, and guides us into His ways of peace, and goodness. Often, we don’t take heed to things until something goes wrong, or until we find ourselves in a continuing crisis. You see, the MOUNTAIN TOP are where we are Inspiried; but the VALLEYS are where we Matured: and the WILDERNESS are where we learn through experiences, and examples. We have a very Loving Father God who only disciplines His children with COMPASSION, not Compulsion, when we are persistently going astray, and running awol from our assignments. Following the Lord’s ways of instructions will LEAD US IN THE PATHS OF RIGHTEOUSNESS, and right living: it is the road of Enlightment, and the Entrance into Light. Beloved! whatever you do; choose to do it GOD’S WAY, instead of your way.

(” Fulness Of Joy “)

St.JH.15:11 { Theses things have I spoken unto you that MY JOY MIGHT REMAIN IN YOU, and that your joy might be full }  We can ALWAYS have Joy and Rejoice: not particular for the negative situations we might find ourselves in; but for the REVELATIONS WE RECEIVE IN IT, and for the GROWTH WE RETAIN FROM IT.  Sometimes, the only way that God can have our UNDIVIDED ATTENTION; is to allow us to be in a situation where WE HAVE TO PRAY TO HIM TO GET US OUT, and where we must RELY UPON HIM TO PUSH US ONWARD.

(Phil.4:4)  You see, when GOD’S JOY is in you; then you can be glad, and rejoice in Any Situation: and as I was saying eariler;  you might not can rejoice ABOUT every situation, but you will have the ability to rejoice IN every situation: because what may be happening on the OUTSIDE, is not affecting what is happening in THE INSIDE.  It is a CHOICE to us. We must CHOOSE to allow God’s Joy to bubble up withn us, and run our cup over.  When you have THE WORD’S PERSPECTIVE in thngs; then there will be a Lifting Up, and there will be a Rising Up.