(” Fulness Of Joy “)

St.JH.15:11 { Theses things have I spoken unto you that MY JOY MIGHT REMAIN IN YOU, and that your joy might be full }  We can ALWAYS have Joy and Rejoice: not particular for the negative situations we might find ourselves in; but for the REVELATIONS WE RECEIVE IN IT, and for the GROWTH WE RETAIN FROM IT.  Sometimes, the only way that God can have our UNDIVIDED ATTENTION; is to allow us to be in a situation where WE HAVE TO PRAY TO HIM TO GET US OUT, and where we must RELY UPON HIM TO PUSH US ONWARD.

(Phil.4:4)  You see, when GOD’S JOY is in you; then you can be glad, and rejoice in Any Situation: and as I was saying eariler;  you might not can rejoice ABOUT every situation, but you will have the ability to rejoice IN every situation: because what may be happening on the OUTSIDE, is not affecting what is happening in THE INSIDE.  It is a CHOICE to us. We must CHOOSE to allow God’s Joy to bubble up withn us, and run our cup over.  When you have THE WORD’S PERSPECTIVE in thngs; then there will be a Lifting Up, and there will be a Rising Up. 

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