Choose Your Lane

Roman 8:6 {” For to be Carnally Minded results in death; but to be Spiritually Minded leads to Life and Peace “}  Minding the things of the flesh WILL DISTRACT YOU; but minding the things of the Spirit WILL DIRECT YOU. It’s always a temptation to follow your flesh when you are more WORLDLY INCLINED: but the freshly carnal appetites will profit you NOTHING compared to the eternal weight of glory that you will gain by WALKING ACCORDING TO THE SPIRIT.  The things in this life are not worth the risk  of losing your soul; when you access them against your soul salvation. You see, whenever your DESIRES get out of control; then that is when your Life gets out of control. Allow your recreated spirit to lead and guide you IN ALL YOUR ENDEAVORS; and then you will have many spiritual; but healthy experiences: because the Spirit of God will NEVER lead you wrong, nor incline you to become wayward.

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