There is a WORD

2.Peter 1:21 {For the prophecy came not in old times by the Will of Man; but Holy Men of God spoke AS THEY WERE MOVE AND INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT} The primary way that God speaks to us is through His Word~whether it is being PROPHESIED OR PREACHED: whether it is through Worship~ VISIONS~ DREAMS~ PRAYERS, OR READING THE BIBLE. The main thing to remember is that He NEVER contradicts His word. It’s just a matter of rightly dividing the word of truth, and obtaining the correct understanding ~insight~ and,revealed revelation of it. God ALWAYS HAS A WORD for you; whether He tells it to you now or later on. In every, and any situation you may find yourself in~God has a word of deliverance, comfort, hope, wisdom, and a word of knowledge for you. He knows how to guide, and govern you through Life, and help you to Live victoriosly. God INSPIRES people to speak to you~when you cannot hear Him for yourself, or when you cannot understand His Ways of Wisdom. {NOT EVERYBODY CAN HEAR GOD} because they either don’t have a relationship, fellowship, or constant intimate communion with Him. I want to encourage you to spend PRAYERFUL time with Lord~ READ your bible~ give time for FASTINGS~ be OBEDIENT to the Lord~ and LIVE RIGHT. God will give you a WORD if you seek His Will.

God’s Preserving Power

PSALMS 32:7 (” YOU are my hiding place; YOU will preserve me from trouble; YOU will compass me about with SONGS OF DELIVERANCE. “)  Make the Lord YOUR ISLAND. When you run to him, and make Him your SECRET PLACE OF SECLUSION; then regardless of how much trouble there is around you; it will not touch you, or make you afraid; because you have HID YOUR SOUL IN GOD by trust and total confidence. As you constantly TURN TO GOD~ continually RUNNING TO HIM~ faithfully RELYING UPON HIM; then He will hide your heart and soul in Himself, and He will become your STRENGTH & HIDEAWAY STRONGHOLD so that no danger,devastation, or destruction comes near you.  All the while you are protected and preserved in Him; He will be surrounding you with the SONGS OF DELIVERANCE, and Psalms of praise that rescues, and instills REST AND PEACE TO YOUR WHOLE BEING. (WOW! what a place to be)  My friends, that is called THE SECRET PLACE OF THE MOST HIGH GOD. (PS.91:1” He who dwells in the Secret Place of the Most High shall abide UNDER THE SHADOW of the Almighty)  God will shelter you like a mighty eagle that spreads their wings over over their young to shield them from hurt and harm.  Jesus Loves You, and HE DIED FOR YOU to be able to live in Him.  I Believe that you can trust somebody WHO HAS LAID DOWN THEIR LIFE in order to save yours.

Our Unchangeable God

Malachi 3:6 {” I am the Lord. I DO NOT CHANGE: therefore you are not consumed, you sons of Jacob “}  God is the One Person you can depend upon who will not change up on you. HIS NATURE NEVER CHANGES. He’ll never become someone whom you cannot trust. His loving PERSONALITY is consistent. His graceful PERSONAGE is constant at all times. Although He has DIFFERENT EXPRESSIONS;  nevertheless His PERFECT NATURE IS THE SAME AS ALWAYS. Because God is LOYAL TO HIS COVENANT WORD, it is utterly impossible for Him to Lie.  He is FULL of love~ STEADFAST in faithfulness~ WRAPPED with compassion~ CLOTHE in righteousness & EMBEDDED with humility & goodness. He is UNCHANGEABLE.  People change~ Society change~ Culture change & Technology change; but God never does. HE DOESN’T UPGRADE.  He is longsuffering enough to give ALL OF US many opportunities to abandon our backsliding heart, and backward ways, to RETURN UNTO HIM, so He can give us A NEW HEART that is ONE WITH HIS NATURE AND SPIRIT. God told Israel that they are not consumed, because HIS LOVE FOR THEM HAS NOT CHANGED, and no matter how hardened they were; HE WOULD STILL LOVE THEM. In His Covenant to them, HE SAID THAT HE WILL LEAVE A REMNANT, and not utterly forsake them. So you see, it’s not a question of GOD’S LOVE FOR US: it’s a question of OUR LOVE FOR HIM. He has already proved His love for us when he sent Jesus TO REDEMN US FROM OUR SINS. Now we need to show our love for Him by RESPONDING POSITIVELY TO THE DRAWING CONVICTION OF HIS SPIRIT upon our uncircumcised heart.