There is a WORD

2.Peter 1:21 {For the prophecy came not in old times by the Will of Man; but Holy Men of God spoke AS THEY WERE MOVE AND INSPIRED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT} The primary way that God speaks to us is through His Word~whether it is being PROPHESIED OR PREACHED: whether it is through Worship~ VISIONS~ DREAMS~ PRAYERS, OR READING THE BIBLE. The main thing to remember is that He NEVER contradicts His word. It’s just a matter of rightly dividing the word of truth, and obtaining the correct understanding ~insight~ and,revealed revelation of it. God ALWAYS HAS A WORD for you; whether He tells it to you now or later on. In every, and any situation you may find yourself in~God has a word of deliverance, comfort, hope, wisdom, and a word of knowledge for you. He knows how to guide, and govern you through Life, and help you to Live victoriosly. God INSPIRES people to speak to you~when you cannot hear Him for yourself, or when you cannot understand His Ways of Wisdom. {NOT EVERYBODY CAN HEAR GOD} because they either don’t have a relationship, fellowship, or constant intimate communion with Him. I want to encourage you to spend PRAYERFUL time with Lord~ READ your bible~ give time for FASTINGS~ be OBEDIENT to the Lord~ and LIVE RIGHT. God will give you a WORD if you seek His Will.