(There is a cause)

ECCL.3:1 { To EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time to EVERY purpose under the sun. / Rom.8:28 ” And we know that ALL THINGS work togeter FOR GOOD to them that love God; to them WHO ARE THE CALLED according to His purpose. } There is a reason why you go through certain things, and there is a purpose IN IT, and there is a seasonal TIME when it will cease to exit:  but instead of FOCUSING UPON YOUR PROBLEMS; try to understand THE PURPOSE IN THEM.  Ask God to reveal to you THE CAUSE, AND THE POINT of it’s surface in your life, and then wait and believe for an answer. I GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET A RESPONSE.  Regardless of what it is you are experiencing; in the end, and later on down the road; you will see that God was working it ALL OUT FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, AND HIS GLORY.  Your warfare is going to turn into a tool for witnessing: and that test is going to move you into a stage of  truimph.  Just stay with God!  EVERYTHING is going to be alright.

Wait For The Promise

(2.Tim.3:12″ Yes, and ALL that will live GODLY in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution. (Ps.34.19 ” Many are the afflictions of the righteous: but the Lord delivers him OUT OF THEM ALL. When it comes to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ in the SOUND DOCTRINE that is required; then there’s going to be PRESSURE & PERSECUTION; just like in anything else you do that’s NOTEWORTHY & NOTABLE. Yes! there’s going to be pressures: but when you know that God’s GIVEN YOU AN OATH OF A PROMISE; then you don’t worry about WHAT’S COMING AGAINST YOU: instead, your focus is set upon WHO IS FOR YOU. God’s on your side & He’s by your side, THROUGH it all & DURING it all. Receive the anointing of courage: for the battle is NOT YOURS~it is THE LORD’S.

Favour IS FAIR

PS.41:11 (By this I know that YOU FAVOUR ME; because my enemies does not triumph over me) We have heard people say that favour isn’t fair right? Well, that’s not true when it comes to God: because everything He does is FAIR~ RIGHT ~AND JUST. God favours His children, more than you favour your own children; and He stands by them, and with them at all times. There is a difference between FAVORITISM & FAVOR. The Lord doesn’t show favoritism to us, but He does show favor to those who DELIGHT IN HIM & TRUST HIM. His love is the same for all of us; but there are those whom He will CHOOSE for certain tasks~simply because THEY WILL CHOSE TO WALK WITH HIM & OBEY HIM & MAINTAIN INTIMATE FELLOWSHIP WITH HIM: for you see~ many are called, but few are chosen. Now! back to favor as I was saying: when the Lord puts His favor on you in a SET TIME OR SEASON; then even your enemies will try to be your friends: your haters will start talking for you instead of against you: DOORS & OPPORTUNITIES will open that was shut before; and jobs that you has no training for~ will suddenly become available for you. Oh Yes, FAVOUR IS FAIR~ WHEN GOD IS THE ONE WHO’S DOING IT. Look into these scriptures below for confirmation of the FAIRNESS OF GOD. (Pr.16:7/ Pr.12:2/ Ps.4:3/ Ps.5:12/ Ps.44:3/ Ps.103:13

Long Life is still limited 

Although God promises long life to the person who dwells under His Shadow in PS.91:16: we still have A SET TIME HERE. God wants us to Enjoy and Endure our days on earth that He’s given us; and to Never take LIFE for granted; because you never know when YOUR GRACE PERIOD WILL EXPIRE. Although our pilgrimage is not always pleasant; we should still take precautions in how we live, and what we do. HOW you live your life has a lot to do with WHERE you will spend eternity. God will bring EVERY WORK INTO JUDGEMENT. (Ecc.12:14) At the judgement seat of God; Every Work will be judged, and Every Word that has been spoken (Rev.20:13/ St.Matt.12:36) Now I know that Nobody likes to talk about this, but Somebody has to talk about it; because it’s coming to ALL OF US if we are not raptured first. The main thing is to BE READY, AND BE RIGHT WITH GOD before your grace period ends here. Regardless of whenever it comes; just make sure that you’re READY for the Lord’s Coming, and PREPARED for his presence.