Long Life is still limited 

Although God promises long life to the person who dwells under His Shadow in PS.91:16: we still have A SET TIME HERE. God wants us to Enjoy and Endure our days on earth that He’s given us; and to Never take LIFE for granted; because you never know when YOUR GRACE PERIOD WILL EXPIRE. Although our pilgrimage is not always pleasant; we should still take precautions in how we live, and what we do. HOW you live your life has a lot to do with WHERE you will spend eternity. God will bring EVERY WORK INTO JUDGEMENT. (Ecc.12:14) At the judgement seat of God; Every Work will be judged, and Every Word that has been spoken (Rev.20:13/ St.Matt.12:36) Now I know that Nobody likes to talk about this, but Somebody has to talk about it; because it’s coming to ALL OF US if we are not raptured first. The main thing is to BE READY, AND BE RIGHT WITH GOD before your grace period ends here. Regardless of whenever it comes; just make sure that you’re READY for the Lord’s Coming, and PREPARED for his presence.