Favour IS FAIR

PS.41:11 (By this I know that YOU FAVOUR ME; because my enemies does not triumph over me) We have heard people say that favour isn’t fair right? Well, that’s not true when it comes to God: because everything He does is FAIR~ RIGHT ~AND JUST. God favours His children, more than you favour your own children; and He stands by them, and with them at all times. There is a difference between FAVORITISM & FAVOR. The Lord doesn’t show favoritism to us, but He does show favor to those who DELIGHT IN HIM & TRUST HIM. His love is the same for all of us; but there are those whom He will CHOOSE for certain tasks~simply because THEY WILL CHOSE TO WALK WITH HIM & OBEY HIM & MAINTAIN INTIMATE FELLOWSHIP WITH HIM: for you see~ many are called, but few are chosen. Now! back to favor as I was saying: when the Lord puts His favor on you in a SET TIME OR SEASON; then even your enemies will try to be your friends: your haters will start talking for you instead of against you: DOORS & OPPORTUNITIES will open that was shut before; and jobs that you has no training for~ will suddenly become available for you. Oh Yes, FAVOUR IS FAIR~ WHEN GOD IS THE ONE WHO’S DOING IT. Look into these scriptures below for confirmation of the FAIRNESS OF GOD. (Pr.16:7/ Pr.12:2/ Ps.4:3/ Ps.5:12/ Ps.44:3/ Ps.103:13