(There is a cause)

ECCL.3:1 { To EVERYTHING there is a season, and a time to EVERY purpose under the sun. / Rom.8:28 ” And we know that ALL THINGS work togeter FOR GOOD to them that love God; to them WHO ARE THE CALLED according to His purpose. } There is a reason why you go through certain things, and there is a purpose IN IT, and there is a seasonal TIME when it will cease to exit:  but instead of FOCUSING UPON YOUR PROBLEMS; try to understand THE PURPOSE IN THEM.  Ask God to reveal to you THE CAUSE, AND THE POINT of it’s surface in your life, and then wait and believe for an answer. I GUARANTEE YOU WILL GET A RESPONSE.  Regardless of what it is you are experiencing; in the end, and later on down the road; you will see that God was working it ALL OUT FOR YOUR OWN GOOD, AND HIS GLORY.  Your warfare is going to turn into a tool for witnessing: and that test is going to move you into a stage of  truimph.  Just stay with God!  EVERYTHING is going to be alright.