(For Your Good~For Your Profit & For Your Peace)

Rom.8:28 {And we know that ALL THINGS work together for good to them THAT LOVE GOD, to them who are THE CALLED according to His purpose} King Davd said this in Psalms 119:67″ BEFORE I was afflicted, I went astray: BUT NOW I have kept thy word “.  God allows things in our life for a Reason, and for a Season; until we learn to know Obey~ believe His Word, and know that He is truly our Father, and True Shepherd, who teaches us for our own profit; who guides us for our good, and who protects us according as He has promised.  You see, not all negative experiences are bad: instead they are tests, and lessons that come to TEACH US , and not to DEFEAT US. For, example, we have tests in school that are sometimes hard to do; but as we study the lesson in progress, and come to understand it; then it proves to WORK FOR OUR GOOD LEARNING, AND THEN IT PROFITS US LATER IN LIFE.  Many things we go through is a blessing in disguise; because we would not be as close to God as we are today, if we had not gone through it.  If SOME PEOPLE, AND SOME THINGS had stayed in your life; then you would not be saved today, and some of us would not even be alive this moment to say “THANK YOU JESUS” for bring me out: so don’t consider everything that has left your life to be a Loss: some things and some people are a blessing to be gone away from you. God loves us, and He alone can PERFECT US: so He is always watching over His word to perform it in our life; because He has begun a GOOD WORK IN US; and He will finish it until the day of Christ.