Sanctification & Dedication

2.Timothy 2:21….If a man therefore PURGE HIMSELF from these; he shall be a vessel unto honour, SANCTIFIED, and useful for the masters use, and prepared unto every good work. God will set you apart, cleanse, and SANCTIFY YOU to do His Will: but DEDICATION is what you do yourself. When you’re chosen for a specific purpose and assignment such as JOHN THE BAPTIST, THE APOSTLES, OR PAUL, ETC. then you cannot allow yourself to be involved in everything that is presented to you. It takes a SOLD OUT DECISION to the Lord, in order to become a VESSEL OF HONOR; in which you will bring glory to God in your spirit, soul, and body through SANCTIFICATION, and in THE SPIRIT OF HOLINESS in the Lord.  You see, your ordained purpose will not be accomplished without your COOPERATION OF LIVING  BY THE WORD, and walking according to His DIVINE WILL FOR YOUR LIFE.  There is a price to press into the HIGH CALLINGS of God. The question you need to ask yourself is ” Am I Willing “.  If you’re willing to walk in that gift; then God will give you the grace, and ability to achieve it according to His Will. 

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