God’s Enduring Love

Rom. 5:5 {Hope makes us unashamed; because the love of God is shed abroad in our hearts BY THE HOLY GHOST which is given unto us} NOTHING can compare to God’s love in your spirit: because the GOD KIND OF LOVE can induce you to love those who HATE YOU: it will cause you to DO GOOD to those who use you: it will cause you to fervently PRAY for those who are PERSECUTING YOU: and it will cause you to BLESS those who CURSE YOU; and cause you to even LAY DOWN YOUR LIFE for those who would TAKE YOURS. Love is the FIRST FRUIT of the Spirit that you will recognize in a person who is truly born again. Love is the FIRST INGREDIENT that you will know, feel, and exert when you are saved: because you see; love is what HOLDS EVERYTHING ELSE TOGETHER, and put all other fruits in perspective. GOD IS LOVE: and any person who does not love is not BORN OF GOD. The only thing God hates is SIN, and anything that sin represents; but He loves people. I encourage you to EXAMINE YOUR HEARTS DAILY, and see if you’re in the love of God, and to see if you’re letting His love flow IN you, and by you; so that others who don’t know Jesus; might at least get a small example of what it’s like to know true love by allowing Christ Jesus to love them THROUGH YOU.