Hesitation brings Regret!

St.Matt.16:26 (For what is a man profited, if he shall gain the whole world, and LOSE HIS SOUL? or what shall a man give in exchange for his soul?) One reason some people HESITANT TO GET SAVED is because they’re looking at what they might have to GIVE UP; instead of what they have to GAIN. Others hesitate to do it because they feel like they HAVE PLENTY OF TIME as they get older. Another reason some people hesitate is because they fear losing FRIENDS & RELATIONSHIPS. None of the reasons above should be an excuse for any of us to LOSE OUR SOUL, OR FORFIET ETERNAL LIFE offered to us through the redemption in Jesus Christ. Nobody and Nothing is worth you being separated from God forever, and going to a devil’s hell. The time to be saved is TODAY~ NOT TOMORROW. So many people have plans for tomorrow, but never make it into tomorrow. They have plans of retiring and growing old in style; but end up never getting the chance to grow old, because their life is suddenly SNAPPED BY ILLINESS, OR RANDOM ACCIDENTS. Quit putting your soul on hold to be saved; and start thinking soberly about your SPIRITUAL LIFE: because your Natural Life will one day end: but your Spiritual life will go on into eternity. Wise up, and repent of your sins, and get baptized in Jesus Name, and surrender your whole life to Him: serve God fully, and faithfully: ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit; so you can live right in His sight. You will have no regrets now, or in the end. Your eternal future will be fixed, and secure: as long as you CLEAVE TO GOD, regardless of what happens. CONTINUE in His word, and you will be His disciple, and He will use you to be His witness, as He has said. (Acts 1:8)