Growing Together

{1.Peter 2:2~As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that you may grow by it.} Beloved! not everyone will mature at the same PACE, or in the same WAY, or on the same LEVEL: but they will grow if there is no stagnation, or root of bitterness, or some other hindrance in their life. Now! however the situation may be; WE ARE SUPPOSE TO STILL GROW TORETHER IN CHRIST JESUS: because we are all apart of the same Vine~(St.Jh.15.) The ones of us who are able to move on to maturity without distractions, will naturally GROW AT A LENGTHIER & DEEPER PACE than those who are constantly distracted. The thing is that we who are at a speedy pace must come to a decision that either our friends COME UP TO WHERE WE ARE; OR WE WILL HAVE TO JUST MOVE ON WITHOUT THEM: and moving on doesn’t mean you quit friendship, or stop praying with them: it just means that you can’t communicate & commune properly on a spiritual level as before. As you grow, then your own MENTALITY ~ KNOWLEDGE, & POTENCY OF WORD will increase also. Revelations will come on a deeper plateau as well. You will change in good productivity as your seasons in Christ does.

A Friend Indeed

Proverbs 17:17 says (“A friend loves AT ALL TIMES…: and chapter 18; verse 24 says….there is a friend who sticks CLOSER THAN A BROTHER “) The friend I am talking about is “JESUS”. He’s the only person who know the worst about you~but still loves you the most. He’s the only person who can hear your FAINTEST CRY & know all the guilt, shame, hurt, and pain in every way. He sees tears that NOBODY ELSE DOES. Jesus is the kind of friend that loves you at all times. HE is nigh unto the brokenhearted, and hears the cry of the humble, and delivers the poor from him that is too strong for him. JESUS is the only hope of humanity from eternal damnation: because of the sins, transgressions, and spiritual death that has occured from the treason of Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden. Jesus the our Redeemer, Savior, Mediator, High Priest, and God of our salvation. HE is the Salvation of the righteous, and the Savior of Sinners.