Growing Together

{1.Peter 2:2~As newborn babes, desire the sincere milk of the Word, that you may grow by it.} Beloved! not everyone will mature at the same PACE, or in the same WAY, or on the same LEVEL: but they will grow if there is no stagnation, or root of bitterness, or some other hindrance in their life. Now! however the situation may be; WE ARE SUPPOSE TO STILL GROW TORETHER IN CHRIST JESUS: because we are all apart of the same Vine~(St.Jh.15.) The ones of us who are able to move on to maturity without distractions, will naturally GROW AT A LENGTHIER & DEEPER PACE than those who are constantly distracted. The thing is that we who are at a speedy pace must come to a decision that either our friends COME UP TO WHERE WE ARE; OR WE WILL HAVE TO JUST MOVE ON WITHOUT THEM: and moving on doesn’t mean you quit friendship, or stop praying with them: it just means that you can’t communicate & commune properly on a spiritual level as before. As you grow, then your own MENTALITY ~ KNOWLEDGE, & POTENCY OF WORD will increase also. Revelations will come on a deeper plateau as well. You will change in good productivity as your seasons in Christ does.