God’s Thoughts Of You.

Jer.29:11 {For I know THE THOUGHTS I THINK TOWARD YOU, saith the Lord: thoughts of peace, and not of evil: to give you an expected end.} Sometimes, because we are in a bad situation, or at a crossroads in our life; we may think that God has other plans that are not exactly in our best interest: but the fact is; God is forever WITH GOOD INTENTIONS trying to direct us in ways of Righteousness, and into a GOOD PATH that’s filled with hope: all we need to do is his directions, and follow His plan; and we will always have a good ending. God purposes have been good for man from the very beginning of time: but in order for us to FINISH RIGHT; we must stay on the Right Pathway. Beloved! regardless of what happens; just stay with God, and Keep His Way; and I guarantee that you’ll not only finish right: but YOU WILL FINISH STRONG.

Faithful Connections

Pr.14:5 (A Faithful Witness will not lie: but a false witness will utter lies) There’s a Judas on every Council Board. Whether you confront them, or not is your choice: but just make sure that YOU KNOW who it is: because when you’re aware of the dangers of Dishonesty; then you’ll know how to handle DisLoyalty as well. Don’t put your confidence in people: put it in GOD ALONE. One thing for sure that you need from your circle is integrity: and if you don’t have that; then you are on a sinking ship. Ask God to put people in your life who are COMMITTED TO HIM FIRST: and then who will be faithful to their position, and post in your circle.

Bless The Lord!

Regardless of what may be happening AROUND US; we can still give God thanks; because of His peace that’s WITHIN US. The joy of the Lord is your strength. HIS JOY is what produces stamina & energy in us when we become drained & dryed out from the constant pressures of everyday life. Come into His presence, and allow your spirit to be REFRESHED & RENEWED: because in His presence is FULNESS OF JOY.