Being merciful to Others

St.Matt.7:3(” Judge not,that you be not judged. For with what judgement you judge, YOU shall be judged; and with what MEASURE YOU METE OUT OT OTHERS, shall be measured out to you again “) Now, some people have taken that scripture and used it as a crutch to become UNREPENTANT: and others have used it as a SELF RIGHTEOUS STAFF to measure the faults of others. Friend! Jesus is trying to get us to see that if we SENTENCE others with harsh criticism, and judgement, being unmerciful to them; then we will be treated with the SAME CONDEMNATION that we have displayed. Discernment and judgement are 2 different things: because we’re suppose to discern the fruit without discrediting & downgrading the person. If somebody isn’t living or doing what you think is right; then don’t condemn them, because they are already convicted in their own heart by their CONSCIOUS. Just try to correct them, and pray for their recovery out of the snares of the devil, and unrighteousness: because beloved! WE ALL NEED TO COME UP.