Power & Ability

Acts 1:8 ( But you shall receive #Power AFTER the Holy Ghost has come upon you; and you shall be #Witnesses UNTO ME both in Jerusalem, and in all Judaea, and in Samaria, and unto the UTMOST PART OF THE EARTH. ) This POWER or ability is to be a WITNESS FOR CHRIST JESUS. A witness is someone who can TESIFY~ AFFIRM~ and GIVE CONCRETE EVIDENCE of what they have either seen, or experienced, or had a personal participation in what they are speaking about. Also this Holy Power and ability FROM ON HIGH is to empower you to not only witness for Christ Jesus; but to be AUTHORIZED & QUALIFIED TO SERVE in your gifts, and to walk in your Calling, and to have dominion over demonic & satanic operations, influence, and ALL OPPOSING FORCES to the kingdom of a God. Beloved! don’t try to DO the work of God without the POWER of God. Remember the Seven son of SCEVA ( Acts 19:14–16) NEVER try to DO OR SAY something in the Spiritual Realm, or in the name of Jesus: that you have not been AUTHORIZED by God do. Amen. (Be Blessed)

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  1. Thank you Minister. May the good Lord always guide, and lead you on the right message to post here for the spiritual edification of the body of Christ. As you continue this good work, your vision shall be more brighter with insight to reach to the lost soul. Shalom!!


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