(” And when He had sent the multitudes away; He went up into a mountain, apart to pray: and when the evening was come; He was there alone~St. Matthew 14:23 “) Jesus would often, pray all night, and fast many days, and withdraw Himself from the multitudes just to COMMUNE WITH HIS FATHER on a personal basis.

Beloved! if you’ve got to always have a CROWD around you, and you’re never alone with the Lord, whereas you have ONE ON ONE conversations, and consistent appointed times of SOLITUDE WITH HIM; then you’re missing out on the best part of your relationship with Him. God requires FIRST PLACE in each of our lives, not Second Place.

Without a personal, STRONG & INTIMATE union with the Lord, that is coupled with Prayer, and the Word of God; then we will not produce good fruit; nor will we be FIRM & UNMOVABLE IN HIM. Beloved! without the Word, we become WEAK~ without prayer, we become VULNERABLE~ without spiritual intimacy with the Lord~ we become easily susceptible to DECEPTION. (Be Blessed)