The Power of Patience

The Christian race is NOT A COMPETITION. It’s not a point of who is the greatest, or the most powerful. It is the point of ENDURANCE. It is just like Jesus said; he that endures unto THE END shall be saved. In other words, if you stay in THE FAITH, and don’t fall away, or draw back, or give up in your salvation; then you will enter the kingdom of heaven with joy. You see, there’s a lot of people who started out, but didn’t hold out. There’s a lot of people who began in Christ; but didn’t finish their course in Him. PATIENCE is one of the keys to ENDURANCE. We must not be hasty, and rush around in our journey through life. We must take each day as it comes, and handle each trial as it presents itself, and overcome each test and temptation in the GRACE OF GOD, and in the mercy He gives us each day. You see, although Jesus had a great work; yet He never RUSHED, OR RAN to get it done. He just trusted His Father in the processes, and therefore HE PREVAILED. (St.Matt.10:22/ Ecc.9:11/ Heb.10:36/ Heb.6:12