Your Perception & Mentality makes a great difference.

2.Kings 6:15~17 {When the king of Israel was warring with the king of Syria: the prophet Elisha prayed that God would open the eyes of his servant; so that the servant could see that the SPIRITUALLY real victory was with them; when he said “there are MORE with them than there are against them”.}

The way you SEE things has a lot to do with how well you ADAPT, or FARE in them. How you view your battles, often depends upon the type of VICTORY you gain: whether it’s total victory, or just partial victory, or accepted defeat.

Your spiritual PERCEPTION has to be more keen than your natural perception: because often~things begin in the SPIRITUAL REALM before they even start to manifest in the natural realm.

When you can’t UNDERSTAND something, or can’t seem to VIEW things the way God is telling you about it; then ask Him to OPEN YOUR EYES, so you can see the reality of what is actually happening.