I am the Lord: I change not…(Mal.3:6)

God is the only person who DOES NOT change, and CANNOT change. He is FOREVER the same.

His NATURE, His PERSONALITY, His WAYS, and His WORD, are infallible and continuous. He is a ROCK in all things that He sets Himself to perform.

God’s METHODS, His APPROACH, His ARRANGEMENTS, His CHANNELS, may be different if He chooses to divert them: but as for HIMSELF~as His personage, personality, and personage, nature, does not alter.

You don’t have to worry about Him being moody, or unreliable, or unstable in any form at any time. You don’t have to try and figure out if He is going to be one way today, and another way tomorrow. NO NO NO: He is a God that changes not.

You can REST in Him: you can always RUN to Him: you can totally RELY on Him. He is more DEPENDABLE than the rising of the sun.

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