{Wheat & Tears Together}

In the 13th chapter of St. Matthew~verses 24-30 and then verses 36-43; Jesus plainly describes WHO the Good Seed and the Tares are; and WHAT they represent, and also who PLANTED them.

He explains that the Good Seed are the children of God’s kingdom, and the Tares are the children of the wicked one: furthermore Jesus continues by saying the enemy who sowed the Tares are the devil, and that God is the one who sowed the Good Seed.

I believe the POINT of this parable is for us to not try to SEPARATE people who we think are right versus those whom we think are wrong in our sight: but to only judge the FRUIT of the tree, and not the tree itself.

Lastly~if we judge people in our families and churches; then we will no doubt OFFEND AND DRIVE away the good as well as the evil; because in the case of planting and gathering; then wheat and tares, good and evil, are so closely grown, mingled, and knitted together, that in separating, you will DAMAGE both sides.

Let the Lord REVEAL to you the Genuine and the false; and then you will know which ones to cling unto, and which ones to keep your distance from: in order for you to not become INFLUENCED by evil habits, corrupt speech, and immoral behavioral lifestyles.