{Being WEIGHED by the Lord}

Proverbs 16:2 says (“ All the ways of a man are clean IN HIS OWN EYES; but the Lord WEIGHS the Spirit.”) The Lord is not weighing your body; He is weighing your spirit: in other words, He judges your MOTIVES, and examines your INTENTS. When He weighs you; He is the one who Determines, Observes, and Inspects the CAUSES of our actions.

You see, in our own eyes, we may think that we are RIGHT & INNOCENT, or even justifiable about things we say or do: but it is the Lord who makes the FINAL ANALYSIS after looking at our heart.

Now granted; we all should examine our heart in everything; but sometimes we don’t do a very good job, and that’s when God steps in and pulls our secrets out of the closet and shows them unto US, and says “ you forgot to deal with this of that, etc”.

The Lord deals with our spirit, and then illuminates our minds to see the light of His knowledge concerning the details of OUR OWN LIFE. Always be honest with God; because He knows how to put us on the SCALES of justice, and weigh us in the balance.