Pressing Into Your Promise

St. Mark. 5:25-28 { And a certain woman, which had an ISSUE of blood 12 years, and had SUFFERED many things of many physicians, and had spent ALL that she had, and was nothing better, but rather grew WORSE, when she HEARD of Jesus, came in THE PRESS behind, and Touched His garment: for she said, if I may but touch His clothes, I shall be WHOLE. }

Now, this woman was truly sick. She had done everything that she could do, to try and help HERSELF, and she spend ALL she had to try and get WELL: but instead of getting better, she GREW WORSE. When Jesus FAME got around, and she heard of His MIRACLES on others; then her FAITH increased to the point that she headed out to find this man called Jesus of Nazareth.

She said WITHIN HERSELF( she said nothing to others) but within herself; that if she could TOUCH JUST HIS CLOTHES; then she would be whole~(complete, healed). She had so much faith in Jesus that she didn’t even need Him to speak, or lay hands on her, etc.~ but she knew that whatever POWER He had flowing through His body~ that it had to be also in His CLOTHES.

Thus, she started in the crowd Press, and she got Blessed. She got her Blessing in her Pressing. If she has waited, and not went for herself; then she would probably have missed her blessings of being healed. Beloved, I encourage you to go to the Lord for yourself, and add your faith to what you need, so you can obtain the PROMISE OF LIFE in Christ Jesus, and the receive the blessings of what God has for you.